Woman – As The Change Agent

  1. By:  Lipsa Panda / Women in Security Liaison/ ASIS Southern CT chapter, Account Manager/ Pinkerton, Community Leader/ Parent Leadership Training Institute Email: lipsa.panda@pinkerton.com

ASIS International Southern CT Chapter has Women in Security Liaison, “Lipsa Panda” who works for Pinkerton as Account Manager (CT and New England area) mission is to bring revolutionary positive change by introducing and encouraging more Women to Security Field.

Women is The Change Agent # Women’s effort going to remain same and more # Join the Momentum# “We Can Do it together”

When I look around, I can see women with strength, dignity, integrity, passion and strong determination. Irrespective of whether it’s a student, Home maker or working professionals.

I would like to focus in here, where women or mother who is even not educated, but can raise a child with high values. She can influence characteristics, indulge good ethics and she always led by example. Everyone will agree of her great multitasking skill and she has 4 eyes ( 2 in front and 2 in back ) by which she knows what’s happening behind her or in absence of her and how to protect it and make it right with quick presence of mind.

I wonder how in this world, it’s dominated by men, where there are most capable and intelligent women.

As Account Manager for Pinkerton and Women in security liaison for ASIS (American Association of Industrial Security), my mission is to reach out to all the women of Connecticut and nearby area, create a Focus Group where the members would be students and women professionals. My vision is to encourage more women power by boosting their self-confidence, by providing them right resources, right platform and supportive working women’s expert advice to help them succeed.

Women is already empowered, confident and with full of potential. All I want to do is providing them right plat form for polishing and upgrading existing skills and help learning tactics and strategies for successful work transition, which I am going to accomplish through this Focus Group.

Please reach out to me by my cell no or mail for detail information, change process is already initiated, want all women to be part of the Process for a better career, for a better life, for a deeper revolution.