Young Professionals in Security Community’s mission is to provide a substantial platform for students interested in considering a career in security industry or for professional regardless of the age, new to the security field or in a transition between jobs. Main goal of this platform is to educate and develop careerists by providing a forum to engage and learn from security experts/ leaders, get involved with ASIS programs and activities, and connect with peers across the globe.


While this group’s benefits and programs are tailored for member typically defined as less than 40 years age or who has spent fewer than five years in a security profession, we encourage participation from anyone passionate about this initiative, regardless of age or experience. Special shout out to all university students those are in a track of domain learning and looking forward for hands on experience in an appropriate platform.

Benefit of Group Engagement

Strategic Networking:
Build your professional network by meeting other young professionals and industry leaders at various stages in their career. Get inspired and enhance your own career potential by establishing and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse network of practitioners from around the globe.

Targeted Education:
Acquire new knowledge and information relevant to your career through customized educational forums.

Specialty Programing:
Acquire new knowledge and strategies relevant to your personal career goals through our specialty programming. Accomplished professionals share their unique expertise and insights into issues challenging for freshers today, including leadership, career development and establishing brand.

YP Offers:

    • Ask a mentor series
    • Specialty programming
    • Strategic Networking
    • Fun Casual meet