Terrorist Information New York Group – TinyG

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Membership of TINYg is free of charge for individuals who wish to actively participate in information sharing and fostering improved communications between business and Law enforcement. Applications for membership are reviewed to ensure that only appropriate individuals can access the network.

New York and London are the venues for free to attend, international conferences each year, where subject matter experts provide excellent presentations on issues connected to terrorism and counter terrorism. Opportunities for networking abound at the conferences and is strongly encouraged. CPD points are awarded for attendance.

The second strand of TINYg’s free services are our email alerts. These are sent out as and when important information relating to terrorism or counter terrorism is identified by our analysts. In some cases, this will include open source reports from mainstream media, on other occasions it will be based on intelligence and information that we have identified ourselves.

In order to provide these services at no cost to our subscribers/members, TINYg relies entirely on the generosity of our sponsors who cover all of the costs associated with running the organization and the magnificent support that we enjoy from the many organizations, who allow us to use their facilities, or provide expert speakers.


The TinyG Story

When Co-Founders, David Evans, CEO of Global Aware International, a London based counter terrorism and software solutions consultancy and Kevin Cassidy, Professor  at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, first met in 2006, they discussed issues of joint interest and concern in respect of the changing face of international terrorism. These included methods of attack; intelligence gathering, information sharing and communication between the two locations.  More than ten years on, these high profile cities of global importance, remain inextricably linked in so many ways, just as the threat from constantly evolving terrorism, continues to affect the way we conduct every aspect of our lives; at work, home and when travelling.

Since its formation, the group has organized over thirty, free to attend conferences in the United Kingdom and United States and has issued more than 25,000 email alerts to its subscribers in over 130 countries.

Sadly, since then, the terrorist threat has evolved into a hideous, seemingly unstoppable, and unpredictable force for evil, which seeks to undermine the way of life that we all, regardless of our race, religion or creed, hold dear. Nevertheless, our law enforcement and security services continue to develop newer and better investigative techniques and tools, which they successfully deploy to mitigate the majority of attempts against us.

David and Kevin’s belief that more could be done for all stakeholders to communicate and network in a more effective way, has been proven correct. In the ten years since its formation, TINYg has significantly contributed to the development of lasting and powerful networks, which continue to flourish.